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Two New Books by Neal Graffy Coming Soon

Author and historian Betsy J. Green’s newest book, Way Back When: Santa Barbara in 1914, tells it like it was, along with a healthy dollop of humor. Betsy’s history and humor column – Way Back When – is read by thousands of Santa Barbarans each month on the local website

Betsy’s columns are drawn from articles in the Santa Barbara newspapers of 1914. She has compiled her columns, along with interesting comments from Edhat readers, into the first of her series of books on Santa Barbara history – one year at a time.




The Great Santa Barbara Earthquake - the Disaster That Built a City

Coming a Little Later!

History Under Your Nose

It may look like Santa Barbara’s red-tiled roofs and white stucco walls and buildings have been here forever... but who knows what secrets lurk beneath those facades? Santa Barbara historian Neal Graffy does! And through the images and text of Santa Barbara Then and Now, layers of time are peeled back to reveal an earlier Santa Barbara of many different designs and uses.
This is the only book that dares to pose the question "Has every building in Santa Barbara been a restaurant at least once?"


Santa Barbara Then and Now
is 160 pages in full color.

SoftCover Edition $19.95

In 1851 the Town Council of Santa Barbara appointed a committee to apply names to the fifty-two new streets being created from “the front of the Mission Gardens to the sea and from hill to hill on each side” as a result of the survey of  Salisbury Haley. 

Unlike other towns whose streets bore the unimaginative A - Z, numbers, trees or names of presidents, they gave names to our streets that portrayed the geography and botany of our town, honored the Chumash, early settlers, governors, and showed a distinct sense of humor and in some cases, delightful sarcasm. 

Street Names of Santa Barbara
52 pages $9.95

Historic Santa Barbara is a coffee table size book written for the Santa Barbara Historical Museum. It’s chock full of photos and text covering the history of Santa Barbara from the original inhabitants, the Chumash Indians, all the way up through the devastating Jesusita fire of 2009. The second half of the book profiles a number of Santa Barbara businesses, churches and non-profits.




Historic Santa Barbara
208 pages. $49.95